Broadband Internet Access

What is Broadband?

The term Broadband means wide bandwidth, which is a measure of the amount of information that a connection can send over phone lines, satellite cables and wireless connections within a certain period of time. The larger the bandwidth, the more information can be transmitted in less time. In the past, Internet connections have relied on a narrow band with a 56K dial-up capacity, which means that it takes around ten seconds to download the average web page and that users spend roughly one-third of their online time waiting ?a phenomenon also known as the ‘worldwide wait’.

With broadband, information is transferred at 10 times the speed of a normal 56K dial-up. Broadband from Neuviz is transmitted via a fiber-optic link. In the past, a phone line was needed to transfer information and communicate with an Internet Service Provider, but the new seamless technology of fiber-optic and the Broadband Interactive network means that information can now be uploaded and downloaded from the Neuviz Networks a hundred times faster than the old narrow band access.